Langford Island

One of our absolute favourite anchorages in the Whitsundays is Langford Island. This unique tiny island is located near Hayman Island in the northern Whitsundays.

Authentic experiences are hard to find in a world where no place seems untouched but spending the day at Langford Island will make you reconnect with nature in the most real and amazing way.

A perfect day with Wings Sailing Private Charters will include exploring this iconic place when the sun is up and bright and watch the most amazing sunset while enjoying some delicious snacks and drinks before heading to Stonehaven to anchor for the night.

Langford Island



Langford Island is a very popular day-trip destination for sailors, snorkelers and divers. The best diving is probably found on the north-western end of the beach while snorkelling is possible just offshore along the beach, towards the island.

Expect to come across beautiful boomies and abundant fish life. Turtles also come to visit this area quite often as there is plenty of seagrasses to eat!

Fun fact: two massive underwater sculptures can be seen on the southern end of Langford Island spit!

Turtle Dream, A 6.5m steel hawksbill turtle by artist Col Henry, is located at 20°5.003'S,148°52.900'E. Anthozoa, a 6m sculpture reimagining the tiny coral polyp by Jessa Lloyd is a collaboration with Ngaro artist Nicky Bidju Pryor, and is located at 20°5.006'S,148°52.918'E.


Nothing can beat the sensation of jumping off the boat into the clear water and swim to a tiny and beautiful sand beach in the middle of the ocean.

Landford Island spit is visible and enjoyable during low tide and is great for sunbathing and beach picnics. You can easily carry some snacks and drinks in our kayaks and make the experience even better!

In case you didn't know, a spit is an extended stretch of sand out into the sea from the land.


Langford Island

With the boat in the right position, an unbelievable beautiful sunset will amuse and create an excellent scenario to finish the day.


A short and rewarding 300metres walk will take you to the top lookout of Langford Island. Watch out for the impressive boab tree distinctive by its swollen trunk!

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