Whitsunday Walks

Natural uninhabited trails of the 74 Whitsunday Islands

Exploring Whitsunday Island's Scenic Bushwalks

Whitsunday Islands walks vary from a moderate 300m walk to the Ngaro people cave art; to walks of up to 15 km in length. Most walks include some moderate steps while some will take you to beautiful lookouts with an elevation gain of 437m from sea level. The most famous walk is the iconic Hill Inlet lookout, Whitehaven Beach.

If you're eager to embark on a fitness challenge while immersing yourself in the stunning
natural beauty of the Whitsunday Islands, consider venturing onto some of the longest and steepest bush walks this magnificent region has to offer. These exhilarating hikes promise not only physical exertion but also the opportunity to capture awe-inspiring vistas with your camera. To make the most of your journey, don't forget to bring sturdy walking shoes and an ample supply of water. On our longer charters we have time to incorporate many of these walks into our itinerary.

If you really love walking, plan a private charter that includes all these walks and more, including Border, HasIewood  and Lindeman Islands. With many options from walks at sunrise or sunset to peaks and walks along the sand, your experienced Captain will incorporate as many walks into an itinerary taking into account available time, tidal access times and your group's level of experience so that it suits everybody within your group of friends or family. Let the boat follow you as you walk the Whitsundays, this is an option that can only happen on a skippered private charter.
Whitehaven Beach Walks

Among the top-rated hiking experiences in the Whitsunday Islands and the world! Whitehaven Beach Hill Inlet Walk will seriously take your breathe away. This 2.4 kilometer out-and-back trail is renowned for its easy to moderate challenge level and typically takes around 40 minutes to complete. Accessible exclusively by boat, this trail leads adventurers through a lush rainforest via stone steps. At the summit, hikers are rewarded with not one, but three distinct viewpoints, each providing unique perspectives of the captivating Whitsunday Islands and their crystalline turquoise waters amongst the white swirls of pure silica sand.

 As one of the most iconic hikes in the region, it is a must-see attraction for visitors. Panoramic sights of the sands of Hill Inlet and the tidal currents that paint a natural masterpiece. Stingrays and lemon reef sharks hang out in the crystal waters below, so keep your eyes peeled for some local marine life! The turquoise, deep greens and azure colours blend with the bright white silica sands of Whitehaven Beach to create a view that is never twice the same and is a bucket list location.

South Whitehaven Beach Headland Track

For those seeking a more leisurely yet still enchanting walk, the South Whitehaven Beach Headland Track is the perfect choice. Spanning 1.9 kilometers, this out-and-back trail near Hamilton Island offers an easy route that can be completed in approximately 36 minutes. Characterized by well-maintained pathways, this track leads to a breathtaking lookout point, affording panoramic views of Teague Island, Haslewood Island, and the world-famous Whitehaven Beach below.

For the more adventurous and definitely for those with more time, let's  not forget that another enjoyable walk is the entire length of the 7km of Whitehaven Beach itself. Given the correct tides start your walk from the Tongue Bay side of the Hill Inlet walk, visit the Hill Inlet lookout and have a swim across the silica sands of Hill Inlet then enjoy the space of the less used areas of Whitehaven Beach and finish with a swim at south Whitehaven Beach. If you still have energy to burn or even after lunch aboard your floating home the lovely sailing vessel Wings 3, you can continue all the way to Chance bay to finish the day having walked around 15km. This is currently the longest walking track available in the Whitsunday Islands.
Whitsunday Island, Chance Bay Track

For those yearning for a lengthier and more secluded adventure, the Chance Bay Track is a hidden gem. This 7.2-kilometer trail branches off from the Solway Circuit, starting at the southern end of Whitehaven Beach. As you embark on this captivating journey, you'll be treated to stunning vistas of Solway Passage and the southern islands of Lindeman and Shaw. 

Chance Bay, the ultimate destination, offers tranquility and convenience, serving as an ideal anchorage spot when north winds make Whitehaven Beach less appealing for boating.

Whitsunday Island, Whitsunday Peak

For seasoned hikers in search of an exhilarating challenge, Whitsunday Peak beckons. Dubbed the "roof of the Whitsundays," this peak stands tall at over 437 meters above sea level. 

 While the trail covers a relatively short distance of 2.5 kilometers to reach the summit, it demands determination due to its steep inclines and total length of 5km. The payoff, however, is nothing short of spectacular: panoramic views extending into Cid Harbour and far beyond, making it one of the most exceptional vantage points in the Whitsunday Islands National Park.

Whitsunday Island – Whitsunday Cairn

Venture deep into the heart of nature with a 4.2-kilometer out-and-back trail near Hamilton Island known as the Whitsunday Cairn. This challenging route features rugged terrain initially, including rocks and branches to conquer, making it suitable for those with a solid level of fitness. 

As you ascend to the ridge covered in giant grass trees, the reward is breathtaking: panoramic views in every direction.

Landford Island Sandbar and Lookout

Explore the tranquility of Landford Island through a 2.3-kilometer out-and-back trail near Hayman Island. This trail is known for its ease and typically takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Accessible only by boat, the island offers paradisiacal beauty. The hike begins with a short ascent to a lookout boasting stunning views of the surrounding islands. Walking during low tide is recommended, as higher tides may submerge parts of the trail.

Ngaro People Cave Paintings Walk

Delve into the rich cultural history of the Whitsunday Islands with a hike along the Ngaro People Cave Paintings Walk, a 0.3-kilometer out-and-back trail near Hamilton Island. This moderately challenging trail involves a short uphill walk that leads to a cave adorned with traditional cave paintings. Learn about the local people and their traditions while enjoying views of Nara Inlet.
South Molle Island, Spion Kop

Spion Kop on South Molle Island offers a unique opportunity for bushwalkers to explore the island's northernmost peak, featuring breathtaking viewpoints over the old resort and the Whitsunday Passage. The ascent is a test of one's physical fitness, with a significant flight of stairs to conquer, but the payoff in terms of the views is undoubtedly worth it. Visitors can also opt for a short detour to Balancing Rock along the Spion Kop trail.

South Molle Island, Sandy Bay

Discover the southwestern side of South Molle Island through an 8.4-kilometer trail that winds through picturesque grasslands and grass trees. This shared trail welcomes both walkers and mountain bikers, ultimately leading to a beach lined with casuarinas.

South Molle Island, Mt Jeffreys

Experience a gradual slope on this 6-kilometer walk, which takes you from Bauer Bay to the highest point on South Molle Island, Mount Jeffreys. The summit offers an awe-inspiring 360-degree panorama of South Molle Island and the surrounding Whitsunday Islands, making the effort more than worthwhile.