Manta Ray Bay

Manta Ray Bay is considered one of the best places to snorkel in the Whitsundays Islands and for good reasons. We call it the fishy wonderland due to the huge amount of different species of fish that live in this secluded beautiful bay.

Located on the northern end of Hook Island, Manta Ray Bay is also known as a top diving spot due to its amazing marine life, caves valleys and swim-throughs.

Our guests on Wings Sailing Private Charters love discovering Manta Ray Bay either snorkelling or paddling on our clear bottom kayaks, just before enjoying a tasty BBQ onboard.

Although it is recovering, Manta Ray Bay suffered considerable damage during Cyclone Debbie in March 2017. Anchoring in the bay is prohibited but there are six public moorings available.

Manta Ray Bay


Hundred of small shinny damselfishes and other unique marine life makes this a top island snorkelling. Here is where George lives, a giant friendly Maori Wrasse and a local celebrity in the Whitsundays.

Also, watch out for majestic manta ways during the winter months from May to September!

There are two underwater sculptures that deserve to be discovered. Migration of the Mantas, a 6m installation of manta ray sculptures by Brian Robinson in collaboration with traditional owner Nicky Bidju Pryor, is located at 20°3.663"S, 148°57.361"E. Manta Ray, a 4m aluminium sculpture by local Adriaan Vanderlugt in collaboration with traditional owner Arthur Gabey, can be found at 20°3.658"S, 148°57.358"E.


George, the giant Maori Wrasse of Manta Ray Bay

The Great Barrier Reef marine park is home to 1625 different species of fish that come in all manner of shapes, colours and sizes. 1400 of these species live on the coral reefs and one of the largest of these species is the hump head Maori wrasse, also known as the Napoleon wrasse.

The wrasse family, Labridae, is one of the largest in the fish world with over 600 species, most of which are beautiful, brightly coloured.

George, a giant Maori Wrasse is a local of Manta Ray Bay, quite curious and friendly with humans. It is an incredible experience to meet him. George also has many lady friends and if you are lucky enough he might even bring them around to see you!

These big beautiful fish are found throughout the Indo-Pacific oceans, but despite their wide range, they are now listed as Endangered by the IUCN. That is why our mate George is so special and we do our best to make sure he stays healthy and educating our guests about him.

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