Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is an amazing anchorage of the Whitsundays Islands. The white-sand beaches, the laid back atmosphere, bright colourful fishes, and many other outstanding characteristics of this bay, make it the perfect spot for a relaxed day with your mates or family.

Many of our guests choose to make a well-deserved stop on Turtle Bay during their Wings Sailing Private Charter in the Whitsundays. Spending the night is also possible, as long as the wind comes from North East or North West.

Turtle Bay is located on the south side of Whitsunday Island, the biggest island of the archipelago and where Whitehaven Beach can be found too. There are two possible anchorages in the bay, and two others in Torres Herald Bay and Crayfish Bay.

Not only is it a great place to avoid the crowds and make a lunchtime stopover, but also offers excellent conditions for some watersports and family activities!


Make good use of our bottom clear kayaks and SUP boards to explore the area! There are 5 different beaches on Turtle Bay and many tiny coves to discover while you paddle with your buddy.


There are wonderful corals in Turtle Bay that will make your snorkelling experience unforgettable! From giants clams to unique marine species, there are so many amazing creatures that call this bay home.

Keep your eyes wide open to spot turtles, manta rays and more wildlife of the Whitsundays Ecosystem. In fact, the beach has been named Turtle Bay because a large number of turtles live on the beach between the months of October to December!

Snorkelling gear and stinger suits are available on all our private charters in the Whitsundays.

Turtle Bay


The golden sand, turquoise waters, peace and solicitude of the 5 beaches of Turtle Bay create a great environment for playing some games!

The long beaches are just perfect for a cricket match!

Visit our Whitsundays Interactive Map to get a better mental picture of the Whitsundays Islands and all the places you can visit.